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Being Sick Enough

So I have covid. For the third (potentially 4th) time, it just happens when your mum works in childcare, for me this time (and similarly every time I've got relatively lucky) it's manifested as a mild annoyance, a sore throat, a bit of a headache, feeling a bit lethargic and just overall a bit meh. However, still letting me function, albeit at slightly lower capacity.

The problem I have is that my dad also has it, and it has hit him relatively hard (as it has nearly every time he has had it) he's flooded with pain and sickness with it, this of course means that I am not sick enough to warrant any sympathy from him and my mum. This has happened every time covid has struck this house. I am simply not sick enough, and any time I let my guard down and show how sick I am/feel I get shot down and told to not be a hypochondriac.

I should probably cut at least my dad some slack because of how he's feeling, but it's hard when you get no empathy towards yourself and are just made to do all the jobs in the house.

This doesn't mean anything. I just wanted to vent and this is literally my blog so uhhh both sorry and not sorry haha.

My next post will probably be focussed on one of my current interests/projects because I wanna write something good

also! peep the email! if you wanna get in contact with me at any point to just chat then fire away!

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