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Getting Ready, Coming Out

And thus, after FAR too long, I am out at work. Heck, some of them might even be reading this (if you are... hi!)

It was a long process of FEAR and ANXIETY, but now it's done it's just love, and being me. It took me the entire month of May to plan and enact my scheme but I did it and now a whole weight has been lifted off of me. SEE I CAN WRITE HAPPY POSTS.

I also have two new kittens which took up a bit of that time, Whiskey and Nova, they're both a little bit orange (read: dumb) but they're adorable and I love them, even if they don't let me sleep sometimes because they just wanna play...

So that's it! I'm out, and ready to take on the world as Luna! (transphobic parents and family notwithstanding)

'Til next time!

contact me!: luna@soup3461.com

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