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What am I up To Anyway?

Good question. Right now I am actually in between projects... Which means I am basically winging it at life in between working at teaching kids the basics of game development.

I've been slowly working on learning Dutch, I mean that in like the last 48 hours I started, so yeah, might take a while before I'm writing these in Dutch. Until then... Try to imagine what Dutch looks like, and I guarantee it's sillier than that.

I've also been learning to draw, I'm resigned to the fact I'm never going to be good at it, but I'd like to feel like I'm at least decent at some point. The main lesson I've learned is "drawing bigger is easier than drawing small" Which is true, but also drawing big has its own problems, with how everything is much easier to see, mistakes are obviously easier to notice. Alas, I try.

Other than those two things, I released an album and have been playing lots of games, both video and of the ttrpg variety!

I'll probably attempt to start up some form of actual project at some point to prevent stagnation but who knows when that will be/what it will be.

Until next time...


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